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Our Immaturely Determined Learnt Asus Support

As we sail through 21st century, technology has become more and more prime.  laptop, Tablets, smartphones are replacing the textbooks and we research everything using these advanced technologies. Desktop, laptops have totally changed the way we live. In today’s modern generation we can easily find the people with their laptops, desktop and android phone evenContinue reading “Our Immaturely Determined Learnt Asus Support”


A Safe Choice to Paypal? Bitcoin

When Paypal made their first entrance onto the consumer scene back in 2000, their services were relatively unique. This should come as no surprise, given that online shopping in general was a new phenomenon at that time. Powerhouses like eBay and Amazon were still in their infancy, and while many people were starting to useContinue reading “A Safe Choice to Paypal? Bitcoin”

New Virus Asks You To Infect Your Friends

Can you infect in your buddies computer using a virus Swap to your documents that are ransomed? It is just what a new’ransomware’ virus is currently suggesting. The thought of ransomware is an easy one, your system becomes infected if you don’t cover an fee in a time period, with a bit of malware whichContinue reading “New Virus Asks You To Infect Your Friends”

A Comprehensive Guide to Mute Group Conversations on Facebook

If you don’t want to use the group chat feature on Facebook frequently, it likely amazed you how fast being added to one turns into an annoyance. When there are dozens of people involved in the group chat and if each one sends just a few messages to the group during the day, it chimesContinue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Mute Group Conversations on Facebook”

Iot-Driven Services: Game Changers for The Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically transformed the way we use and interact with appliances and physical devices. However, there are limitless opportunities for improvement, especially in the area of customer service. The technology that underlies IoT can be divided into four categories: sensors – tiny devices that capture information, communication systems thatContinue reading “Iot-Driven Services: Game Changers for The Industry”

The Cloud is Safer Than You Think

Are you wary of adopting cloud technologies for your organization because of security concerns? Well, fears about security should not deter you from implementing cloud systems if due diligence is carried out in selecting a service provider. A panel at the RSA Security Conference agreed that if cloud providers are vetted properly, most enterprise workloadsContinue reading “The Cloud is Safer Than You Think”

How and why Social And Content Marketing Are Forever Knotted Together

Hasn’t marketing become much more complicated over the past few years? Now we have to put stuff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram just to keep up. We also have to create original content for our website and all these social media networking sites. Different people use different social media sites. DifferentContinue reading “How and why Social And Content Marketing Are Forever Knotted Together”

IoT: The Internet of new business opportunities

The unparalleled connectivity among all devices combined with large amounts of data creates new conveniences for users and consumers, and new opportunities for enterprises. These can translate into added value, continuous improvement in operations and engineering, and a smarter sales organization that truly understands the customer needs and preferences in ways that were not formerlyContinue reading “IoT: The Internet of new business opportunities”