How and why Social And Content Marketing Are Forever Knotted Together

Hasn’t marketing become much more complicated over the past few years? Now we have to put stuff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram just to keep up. We also have to create original content for our website and all these social media networking sites. Different people use different social media sites. DifferentContinue reading “How and why Social And Content Marketing Are Forever Knotted Together”

5 Reasons Why Writing Lists is a Smart Idea

For as long as I can remember, I have been addicted to lists of different sizes and shapes; from shopping lists, do-it-now lists, self-improvement lists, music playlists, top ten of everything lists, goal setting lists, you-have-it lists for different reasons. I thought I was a tad bit anal but I’ve since realised thanks to theContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Writing Lists is a Smart Idea”

Google Readies Its New Google Shopping for Black Friday – Are You Ready?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not even a week to go. You might be either on your toes or busy thumping on your mobile devices in quest for the best products, best deals and much more. That’s why Google is gearing up for holiday shopping-frenzy with enhanced mobile shopping results – Google Shopping. WhatContinue reading “Google Readies Its New Google Shopping for Black Friday – Are You Ready?”

5 Smart technologies that will revolutionize the way you travel

Every day, new technologies are emerging to reshape the way we travel, taking our experience to an all new level. Apps, gadgets and gizmos are in abundance, but what we need is a “Digital Travel Buddy” that knows what we exactly want and travels with us wherever we go. Though the list of aspirational technologiesContinue reading “5 Smart technologies that will revolutionize the way you travel”

Stay fit while you sit: 4 Cool Gadgets to improve fitness at work

Though we all make arduous resolutions at the start of a New Year to get back in shape, most of our plans usually fade out by the time it’s March. Well, motivation wanes and hectic schedules at work get in the way.  But sitting at a desk shouldn’t sentence you to hours of inactivity. TakeContinue reading “Stay fit while you sit: 4 Cool Gadgets to improve fitness at work”

IoT: The Internet of new business opportunities

The unparalleled connectivity among all devices combined with large amounts of data creates new conveniences for users and consumers, and new opportunities for enterprises. These can translate into added value, continuous improvement in operations and engineering, and a smarter sales organization that truly understands the customer needs and preferences in ways that were not formerlyContinue reading “IoT: The Internet of new business opportunities”

Is The Storage Space On Your Iphone Clogged?

Irrespective of how often you backup your iPhone contents or how careful you are about deleting the junk and redundant files off your phone; you would often find yourself struggling with the available free space. Well, this could be clearly due to the iPhone being designed in a way to backup all multimedia files secretlyContinue reading “Is The Storage Space On Your Iphone Clogged?”

Measures to fix POP and IMAP Settings Issue In Hotmail

Let’s learn to know the fix solution for IMAP and POP Account settings issue in Hotmail Hotmail is a online email service and there are millions Of consumers of Hotmail in the world. Employing a Hotmail account, one can send and receive as many emails as possible. To send and to receive emails IMAP alongContinue reading “Measures to fix POP and IMAP Settings Issue In Hotmail”

13 Android Apps to Safeguard Your Privacy

Privacy is an important Element in this day and age And more information is stored on devices or computers. Keeps a great deal of information about its owner, and that’s the smartphone. Think of this: it understands your contacts, your messages, your account, your place and your condition or credit card info. Android users That AreContinue reading “13 Android Apps to Safeguard Your Privacy”

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