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5 Businesses for Hosting Your Website

Among the single most significant elements responsible for the success and rise of the world wide web is the site. When the internet was first invented in the 1970′therefore, its sole use was the connection of distinct academic computer networks to the purposes of communication and knowledge sharing. As time passed, along with the hardware and software aspects of the net became more and more developed, specifically with the introduction of the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), a vision of a true, world-spanning net has been accomplished. antivirus

This realization caused a whole host of businesses creating websites, primarily for informational functions at first. As the capacities of what the net could achieve enlarged, websites designed especially for online shopping have been introduced. The world wide web has been recognized as one of the greatest resources for businesses of all types to showcase and sell their products to clients.

With the current prices of hosting and building a site being as low as they are, with a website is no longer strictly the purview of organizations alone. Countless people around the world have created sites that not only have the capacity to create an income, but also showcase their own life. Given that there is a site only as great as the quality of hosting it is built on, let’s take a peek at the five that are top available now hosting companies.


It was difficult coming up with which company would rank first on this list. There are so many reputable companies with extraordinary pricing available, that selecting which one is the absolute best was a trial. However, when comparing the features offered by iPage to other top companies, what they have available puts it slightly over the top.

iPage offers the hosting trifecta, absolutely no limits on bandwidth, storage space and email addresses. These qualities alone make it perfect for most sites, both personal and business. On the business side, iPage also offers a basic shopping cart and tools that you can use to market your site. To top it all off, their comprehensive, around-the-clock support makes building and maintaining your website extremely easy and headache free.

Just Host

Coming in at number two on today’s list is actually one that tops many similar lists created by other reviewers. In fact, the primary difference is the fact that the hosting offered by iPage, over Just Host, is a dollar per month cheaper. While this will not make a difference with most site builders, it makes enough of an impact to push it to the number two spot.

As with iPage, Just Host offers unlimited bandwidth, space and email addresses. Just Host also has a setup that makes it extremely easy for beginners who have little experience with coding of any kind. However, there are plenty of more advanced features, which make it suitable for the professional user as well.


Long synonymous with domain registration, Godaddy also has hosting options perfect for both beginning site builders and advanced alike. In fact, the only reason their position was placed at number three is the fact that while bandwidth is unlimited, hosting space is limited to 150GB, and the number of email addresses is limited. However, given that these two qualities will not impact most users, and the fact that they currently offer the most features with their hosting packages, Godaddy is still a perfect choice for most prospective site owners.


Our fourth submission, HostGator, is also another fixed presence when it comes to the top hosting companies identified each year. This is especially true for those who plan on building multiple websites for hosting on the same account. Not only does HostGator offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space, but you can also host an unlimited amount of websites on one account. These qualities all add up to the perfect hosting solution for any type of user.


Rounding out today’s top five list is one that, while may not be quite as well known as the other companies, has a long established record of quality hosting, excellent features and stellar support. Specifically, Dreamhost’s offering of shared VPNs (virtual private networks) and dedicated hosting make them a top contender.

No matter what type of website you are planning to build, always remember that if the hosting you choose is unreliable, or limited in capacity, it could directly affect how much success it enjoys. By choosing one of the companies presented here, you can help make sure you bypass any unwanted headaches resulting from substandard hosting.


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