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The Top Five Mice for Gamers

Playing video games in today’s world brings with it many more choices than what would have been available in the past. When video games were first introduced in the 1980s, what was available was extremely basic. Games consisted of extremely primitive graphics and sound when compared to what is available today.

However, it is not only the games themselves that have seen such a marked improvement over the last few decades. In addition to the much more powerful internal components used to drive the games, peripherals have also risen in step to meet the challenge posed by today’s gaming masterpieces.

If you are a gamer with any degree of intensity, you have no doubt realized just how effective using customized controls and more feature-packed peripherals. For example, many keyboards today come with the capability to assign different values to different keys, making the chance for customizing your controls possible.

There is one other peripheral that has seen a marked improvement in the area of gaming, the mouse. At first glance, this may seem a little surprising, since the lion’s share of mice sold have at most three buttons to work with. However, many tech-hardware companies have come to realize that this configuration is not set in stone and can benefit greatly from additional buttons and features.

To help you find the perfect mouse for your gaming needs, we have looked over some of the top models available right now. No matter what type of gaming you enjoy, you are no doubt likely to find a model here to fit your needs perfectly.

Roccat Kone XTD

Since one of the most important key words in finding the best gaming mouse is customization, putting a model that provides this in spades at the top of today’s list only makes sense. In fact, the Kone XTD by Roccat includes so many different ways to customize your experience that it may seem a little overwhelming for the novice user. However, no matter what level your experience is, if you want to be able to tweak just about anything on your mouse, this is the model for you.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

As one of the top names when it comes to mice in general, it comes as no surprise that one of Logitech’s gaming mice would make it onto this list. The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, while not quite as customizable as the Kone XTD, it is still sufficiently so for most gaming needs. In addition, the ability to switch between different modes and a stout braided cord all add up to a worthy component to buy.

Steel Series Sensei RAW

As one of the cooler looking offerings on today’s list, with its orange buttons and sleek look, the Steel Series Sensei RAW offers power, beauty and quality in one small package. Fully customizable with the ability to switch the level of sensitivity at the click of a button, the Steel Series Sensei RAW also wows with its accompanying software that makes difficulties setting and executing macros a thing of the past. Read More about Ms sharepoint

Razer Ouroboros

No list like this would be complete without at least one offering from gaming-giant, Razer. The Ouroboros, by Razer, immediately shows its excellence, coming packed in a custom-built suitcase perfect for travel needs. It also provides the opportunity to actually resize the mouse, in order to fit your personal hand size perfectly.

Corsair Vengeance M65

Rounding out today’s list is an offering from a company usually known for its excellent RAM sticks, Corsair. The Vengeance M65 is just plain cool to look at, with a unique design not found in other mice. However, the looks alone are not the only draw for this model. A dedicated “sniper” button and an incredibly proficient sensor all add up to a mouse that will not leave you hanging when you need it the most.

Having a set of peripherals that you can truly integrate with on a personal level is crucial to getting the most out of your gaming experience. By purchasing and including any one of these top gaming mice, you will be one step closer to gaming perfection. Source


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