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A Comprehensive Guide to Mute Group Conversations on Facebook

If you don’t want to use the group chat feature on Facebook frequently, it likely amazed you how fast being added to one turns into an annoyance. When there are dozens of people involved in the group chat and if each one sends just a few messages to the group during the day, it chimes or pops up dozens of notifications on your system or phone. As Facebook shows a notification for every newly received message, and when you are involved in a group chat along with lots of active members, you will surely get a lot of messages.

Via its Mute feature, you can prevent the flood of notifications on your Facebook account. The following guide will show you how you can quiet these annoying things down on both Facebook website and Facebook messenger app on your device. Contacting the Facebook customer service by phone can also be the best option if you are looking for trusted customer support regarding the Facebook issue in case you have. Here’s know how to turn off the message notifications for a specific conversation.

Managing Group Chat from the Facebook Web Interface

To manage the chat notifications, firstly log into your social account and locate the chat icon on the navigation bar right side. Hit on the chat icon, and then the entry for the group chat you want to mute.

Move to the browser pane down, and look for the chat box for the specific conversation. Hit the gear icon located in the chat box header and then choose the ‘Mute Conversation’ option.

In the Mute Conversation window, you need to choose how long you want to turn off the notification. Here you can choose the option from ‘1 Hour’ or ‘until 8 AM’ or ‘until you turn it back on’ if you want to mute the conversation until you return back.

At last, click on the Mute button to make the changes.

Managing Group Chat from Facebook Messenger

Muting a group conversation in the mobile app of Facebook or Messenger is just the same as the process you have followed for the Facebook webpage.

In order to mute a conversation in Facebook Messenger, launch the app and choose the conversation you want to mute.

After choosing the chat, click on the conversation title bar.

In the resultant ‘Group’ settings menu, choose the ‘Notifications’ icon.

Here, you need to choose how long you want to turn off the notification. You can mute the chat in small increments of 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, or ‘until you turn it back on’ if you want to mute the conversation until you return back.

Tap on the selection you have made to execute the process.

However, if you have any problem during the processes, it is recommended to contact facebook customer support and address your query to the experts in order to get the best possible solution. Source


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